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What is AVIedit ?
It is a great tool to work with .AVI files. While executable size is kept very small, less than 300 kb, this editor offers you unlimited power of digital video processing. Some high-tech tricks included into AVIedit allows you to perform with easy and fun the many interesting things, like video warping, color restore, noise reduction and so on...

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You can also capture video by number of ways, including one-frame-per-minute (web camera) option, workaround annoying 2 Gb file size limit, send your videos to printer, heavy compress it and post to your webpage.

The main features of AVIedit (the video editor and capture utility) are:
and more...

System requirements:

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sample .AVI clip
130 kb .avi 320x240 @15 fps

Language of the .hlp file archive name size build date status
Russian avieditr.zip 334 kb 11 Sep 2000 shareware
English aviedit.zip 321 kb 11 Sep 2000 shareware
English Setup.EXE 438 kb 11 Sep 2000 shareware

If you like the AVIedit, you may wish to add the following link code into your homepage:
<a href="http://www.am-soft.ru"> The AVIedit home</a>

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